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Think beyond secure video meetings

With a digital workspace, you communicate freely with each other in different ways. You can share files and documents, create care teams and cases. With the possibility of inviting participants from outside the organisation.With Alteri Care, you get more than secure video meetings. We look at the big picture. That means we help you improve your work processes to make your workday easier.

A secure video service may solve temporary communication problems. But it won’t fundamentally change your work processes, and it won’t help you move your organisation forward. It is just one of many tools in the box.

We want you to be able to create a better working environment for both you and your employees. With a digital workspace, you communicate freely with each other in many different ways. You can share files and documents, create care teams and cases. With the possibility of inviting participants from outside the organisation.

secure communication with Alteri Care

Secure login methods (SE: BankID, Freja eID & SITHS)

Secure video meetings

Secure chat

Secure document handling

Secure workspace

Simple access control

A workspace for your employees. Secure communication tool between municipalities, citizens and authorities

What is digitalisation to you?

The answers we get:
What is digitalisation to you?

  • New way of working
  • Accessibility
  • More and better service to residents
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Method for organisational development

Do you agree?

The answers are very much in line with our understanding of digitalisation. At the same time, it can be difficult to grasp exactly what it is. What continued digitalisation will mean for us in the long run.

It’s not surprising when digitalisation is referred to as the most socially disruptive process since industrialisation. But Alteri Care has a lot of commitment, expertise and solutions – ready to help you take the next step towards a safer and more efficient workplace.

But where do we start?

We listen and understand, when you say that there are major challenges associated with digitalisation.

“We are not there yet. We can’t do this at the moment. We have to build from scratch first.”

Between the lines, we sense a certain fear. Of course, it is a big step to take when you have to change processes and employees’ usual work routines. There’s a lot that has to work and different systems have to be connected.

But when will we be there?
Will we ever be there?
When is it the right time to develop your organisation towards more digital work practices? How should that foundation be built?

We build the foundation together with you

You don’t need to have all functionality at once. Start small with the needs your organisation has today. At the same time, we provide you with the opportunity for further development, so that you can confidently meet tomorrow’s demands for digitalisation.

If and when you want more smart features, we’ll help you build further. Our goal is to provide your business with work processes customised to your specific needs.


Handling health data is sensitive and requires the highest level of security. Secure identification with BankID, Freja eID or SITHS ensures that only those who should have access to information get it. 


Healthcare seekers should be directed to the right place from the first digital contact. The prioritisation system prepares you for the meeting with the patient and helps you direct the patient to the right service and level of care.



For longer dialogues in ongoing cases, a good and structured collaboration area is needed, a support for case management where all communication and information exchange can take place. 


Video meetings, individually or in groups, are a central part of many organisations. In digital healthcare, it is an excellent complement to face-to-face visits. There are many advantages to not always being tied to physical meetings.


In many respects, sending a message is an effective way of communicating. It allows you to take advantage of gaps in your planning, without having to set aside specific time in your diary.


An easy way to gather information. By preparing, you free up time that can be used more effectively. At the same time, it gives the recipient the opportunity to answer questions and give their view of the situation.


A common collaboration space where you can easily upload and share images, documents, files and certificates with your team and carers. Permissions control who has access to what.


With care teams consisting of staff, external expertise and family members, you can coordinate care in a better way than is currently the case. A common area also reduces the risk of misunderstandings.


Alteri Care gives you secure communication
and smarter working routines