About us

Alteri Care is the beginning of the care of the future.

– E-care so much more than just video

Behind the team at Alteri Care is the same group of enthusiasts who have been involved in developing the digital care platforms that are currently used by several well-known care apps.

During the development work of the care apps, and its underlying technology, a clear need emerged from the care providers: to be able to adapt the care to their care flows. Somewhere, the idea was born to develop a completely new platform for e-care. A platform that is flexible and that takes into account the entire flow of care. Not just to the care recipients’ need for diagnoses, prescription and video calls. Alteri Care is the beginning of the care of the future.

Welcome to a new way of providing e-care!

Alteri Care stands for the new generation of e-care. Module-based to be optimally adapted to the routines of different businesses. User-friendly, not only for the care recipients but also for the care providers. Smart forms that streamline the work with anamnesis and prioritization, incidents, measures and follow-up. And secure login, with SITHS card and Bank ID. With Alteri Care, your business is well prepared to meet tomorrow’s care needs.

Alteri care has been developed from experience

Business understanding and advanced technology solutions characterize the organization that developed Alteri Care. With our 20 years in the industry, we have acquired a unique market position in digital business development. Regardless of whether it has been new digital business solutions for companies in the industry, service or healthcare sector, we have always delivered stable solutions.

With IT-technical international production capacity, we have also been able to ensure delivery times for particularly heavy development projects.

Since 2014, the organization has been responsible for the development and production of e-care platforms for commercial e-care services. With a great understanding and knowledge in the field, together with technical experience from previous development work, we are now ready to launch the new generation of e-care.


Are you interested in future care?

We are looking for doctors, nurses, schools and municipalities who want to be part of our reference group. Are you interested in new technology and like to meet new people, send an email to kundtjanst@altericare.se

Alteri Care Team

Michael Rosenlind


Digital social innovator with long experience and a genuine desire to support businesses in their development.

Patrik Almö


Over 20 years with responsibility for running projects and organization to deliver advanced IT and web projects.



We are a team of eight experienced system developers working with Alteri Care’s e-care platform. Together, we are involved in creating the care solution of the future.