about alteri care

We are passionate about the future of healthcare.

At the same time, we know that many people dread change and new routines when they hear about new processes and digital ways of working.

We want to change that by erasing the fear of change and making the digital journey part of everyday life. The goal is that change leads to improvement.

Both employees in the workplace and citizens in society have everything to gain from the benefits of digitalisation.

By bringing people together digitally, we contribute to a more sustainable and efficient society as a whole. We want to help as many people as possible to take the next step in their organisation’s digital development.

We redefine healthcare


With creative solutions and innovative ideas, we help make workplaces more efficient. At the same time, we help prepare society as a whole by creating sustainable digital work practices for tomorrow.


In addition to working closely with our customers, we also work with strategic partners, which benefit society in general and workplaces in particular, with quality, smart and customised services for digital healthcare and secure communication.

good relations

Good and value-creating relationships are important to us. Our customers and partners rely on us to provide quality services, reliable information and communication at all stages on a secure platform.


A passion for continued digitalisation and smart communication drives our creativity to challenge and develop current solutions. We are working towards a future that improves everyday life and makes life easier for all of us.

Digital care and secure communication with Alteri Care
– a platform to grow in


It started in 2019, but the company still consists partly of the same enthusiasts who once developed the digital healthcare platform that are now used by several well-known healthcare apps. This is why we have a unique market position in digital business development. Long and reliable experience in delivering stable digital solutions. Whether it is in healthcare, municipal organisations or the service sector.

As society evolves, our platform has changed with it – to meet the need for digital processes and services. But also to meet the expectations of the customer experience.

We know that secure digital communication makes many tasks easier and more efficient. We also know that more and more people in society expect smart digital solutions.

Therefore, we offer a flexible platform for digital care and secure communication. So that more people can benefit from all the advantages that come with digitalisation. Our range of services is just as suitable for healthcare as for secure communication in general.

We have our heart in Malmö, Sweden, but our business is represented in several countries and with offices in Lisbon, Portugal and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

For us, it’s about giving your organisation a solid foundation, with great development potential, so that you are ready to meet tomorrow’s new social structure with digital care and secure communication.

Alteri Care solves your challenges today and helps you stay ahead tomorrow