Remote care has never been easier

Remote care has never been easier

Many elderly, chronically ill people and those requiring post-operative care need regular checks of various parameters such as blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse and weight. This is often a matter of checking that the values are stable and that the medication is working. When nothing needs to be adjusted and everything is under control, it is easier and more time-efficient for both the patient and the carer to carry out checks and follow-ups remotely.

Overall view of the patient

Alteri Care helps bring together different care solutions available in the home and presents them in a simple patient overview. This gives healthcare professionals a comprehensive overview of the patient’s condition, allowing them to assess health status and take quick action when needed.

Networked security

Digital aids, it will be easy and safe to assess health conditions and provide care remotely. Connected devices and smart sensors can be customised according to needs and diagnosis. The patient can keep track of the values through an app on a mobile phone or tablet. At the same time, the caregiver gets an overview of all data and a clear summary of the collected data. If something deviates, or needs to be corrected, a signal goes directly to the carer. Alteri Care gives your organisation the best conditions for conducting safe remote care.

Increasing awareness

Not only does the quality of life and well-being increase for care recipients who can remain in their own home for as long as possible. Keeping track of their health data through connected devices also increases the patient’s awareness. This in return can motivate more exercise and movement.
At the same time, Alteri Care’s platform ensures that healthcare professionals have the information they need to support the patient in the best possible way.

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