Alzheimer Sverige

“Our primary purpose is to spread knowledge and create security. Here we see that Alteri Care’s digital care platform gives us the opportunity to fulfil these wishes. The platform gives us excellent conditions to create a better and safer cognitive everyday life for more people.”

Alzheimer Sweden is a nationwide patient and family organisation for people living with a cognitive disease and their families and loved ones. Their task is to provide advice and support to patients and relatives, to draw attention to and highlight the problems and opportunities that exist for those affected. They also work to improve care and treatment for people with memory disorders.

The central organisation is based in Malmö and is complemented by 15 local associations around the country. The local associations offer the meeting place Café Minnesvärt, which is aimed at people with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive brain disorders, as well as their relatives and other interested parties. The meetings always include some form of knowledge transfer about the resources available in the community and information about the disease and its course. “We are constantly working to start new local associations with Café Minnesvärt,” says Malou Nevhage, Development Manager at Alzheimer Sweden.

“We want to operate as a safe knowledge hub where we continuously expand the hub with more spokes, in the form of new local associations and more partners. The more we grow, the better the possibilities for reaching out and helping more people.”

With Alteri Care’s platform for digital care, Alzheimer Sweden offers support, where anyone in need of counselling can turn. At you can use the digital counselling service to book an appointment to get in touch with trained and qualified dementia nurses and certified Silvia sisters. The service is free of charge.

“Alteri Care’s platform also offers the opportunity to create secure digital group meetings, for example, counselling and education. It is only the imagination that sets the limits”.

We see several important uses for the platform. Through secure video meetings, we can also offer digital group discussions, support groups and information meetings. But also digital group exercise such as balance training and seated yoga. All in all, the service is a fantastic opportunity and a step in line with the development of society,” concludes Malou Nevhage enthusiastically.

Malou Nevhage, CDO at Alzheimer Sweden