Secure patient data is an obligation when providing e-care.

Secure data management

All data is encrypted according to the latest standard and stored in secure data halls within Sweden. This means that even if someone manages to break in and steal the physical servers, they cannot access stored data.


The Alteri Care platform complies with both the PDL (Patient Data Act) and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) as well as the National Board of Health and Welfare’s guidelines for online physicians.


Even within an organization, there may be restrictions on what data a user can see and have access to. With Alteri Care, you can easily control the rules for privacy between different parts of the organization and give users access to the right data through role-controlled access.

Secure identification

Patients always log in to the system with BankID or a similar function in order to be able to securely identify a patient/user.
As a care provider, you choose which login options your patients will be able to use.

Access for caregivers

Caregivers can choose between different login options for care and nursing staff to log in to the system.
We handle, among others, BankID, FrejaID and SITHS. Either individually or together.
It is up to the business to define which login method is to be used by care and nursing staff.

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