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Flexible and adaptable care and nursing solution.

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Adaptable solution for care and nursing

With Alteri Care, you can be involved in adapting and streamlining your care and nursing processes to your specific business. At the same time, you can offer your target audience a solution that is completely adapted to their needs.
The platform’s modular architecture helps simplify work steps. This will give you valuable time for more care and attention to those who really need it.
The basic functionality is secure communication. You decide whether chat, questionnaires, video meetings or file sharing are the most suitable way of communication in your specific business.
Säker Inloggning

Secure login with BankID, Freja or SITHS.


Message function for online chat or asynchronous communication.


Questionnaire with score-based assessment.


Appointment and calendar for simpler care planning.


Extended care team. Invite therapists and interpreters to ongoing cases.


File transfer for files, photos, certificates and documents.


Combine with physical meetings in the digital case process.

Extra Funktioner

Additional features as needed in matters of the exercise of authority.

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