Student health

Better collaboration and increased accessibility – with the student in focus.

Safe student health

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Coordinate efforts

With Alteri Care, you can easily control who has access to a specific case. Through coordinated efforts, student health staff, teachers, parents and, if necessary, other authorities, have access to the same information, and do not have to rely on e-mail or other insecure ways to share information.

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Increase attendance - where students are

Students move as much online as in school corridors. No matter where they are, they should thrive and feel safe. Let the staff be available where the students are – online, in the classroom, at a distance or in the corridor.

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Reduce administration time

With Alteri Care, there will be less time for administration and more time for collaboration with students. By streamlining documentation and coordination between school staff, parents and other parties, time is freed up to help more students.

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Communicate securely

All communication takes place in a secure way between everyone involved. Whether it is a video meeting, chat, phone or document to be shared and sent.

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