Distance care

With e-health, we can improve the quality of life and increase security for those

who are in need of care and care but who do not necessarily need physical care around the duvet.

At the same time, resources and valuable time are freed up for care and nursing staff.

Technology and digital aids

With today’s technology and digital aids, it is as easy and effective to assess the health status of a patient without being physically present. Alteri Care gives your business the best conditions for conducting safe distance care.

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Distance care has never been easier

Many elderly, chronically ill and those in need of postoperative care need to regularly check various values such as blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate and weight. It is often a matter of reconciling and stating that values are stable and that medication works. When nothing needs to be adjusted and everything is under control, it is smoother and more time-efficient, for both patient and caregiver, to manage control and follow-up remotely.

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Connected security

With digital aids, it becomes as easy and safe to care at a distance. Connected devices and smart sensors can be tailored according to need and diagnosis. The patient can keep track of the values through an app in a mobile or tablet. At the same time, the care provider receives overview images of all values and a clear compilation of collected data. If something is deviating, or needs to be remedied, a signal goes directly to the care provider.

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Overall patient view

Alteri Care helps to keep together different care solutions available in the home and presents them in a simple patient view. In this way, healthcare professionals get an overall overview of the patient’s condition and can assess health status and quickly take action when needed.

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Increased awareness

It is not enough that the quality of life and well-being increases for care recipients who can stay in their own home for as long as possible. Keeping track of one’s values through connected aids increases the patient’s awareness. This in turn can motivate more exercise and movement.
Meanwhile, Alteri Care’s platform ensures that care and nursing staff have the information they need to be able to support the patient in the best way.

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