Providing health care should be simple. That’s why we are constantly finding ways to help you adapt and streamline your care processes.

Our platform's modular architecture gives you, as a caregiver, much greater opportunity to offer your patients a customized care solution than you have with other e-care platforms.

With the Alteri Care platform, you can also adapt your care solutions as a specialized caregiver to your patients' needs.


The smart forms on the Alteri Care platform streamline work with medical history and triagination. And with our user-friendly journaling system, the handling of patient information is greatly simplified. With Alteri Care, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can easily see their calendars, book and conduct video conferences, or make themselves available in digital waiting rooms.

With this e-care platform you get:

Customized Care Workflow

Modular architecture makes it easy to adapt healthcare to your care workflow.

Efficient Reception

Easy-to-use smart forms for triagination and medical history, as well as convenient appointment bookings for patients and healthcare professionals.

Digital Waiting Room

Increased service and availability via digital waiting rooms for drop-in visits.

Brand and Design

Your brand and identity will reach patients across all platforms.

Maximum Security

Secure login for all parties in any call with TSL/SSL certification by SITHS-card for caregivers and electronic identification for healthcare providers.

Device-independent and 100% Responsive

Always optimal viewing for both caregivers and patients regardless of connection via mobile, tablet, or computer.

Seamless Integration

API for integration with existing journal and healthcare systems.