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Digiphysical care flow

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Increased availability

Offer the same digital accessibility that online doctors can offer and reduce the risk of patients listing themselves elsewhere “by mistake”.

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Digiphysical care

Many health cases can be dealt with completely digital. Others require a physical visit, for example, a broken bone or sampling. Either way, a system that supports a digital way of working saves time for both healthcare staff and patients.

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Alteri Care has a built-in system for automatic triage. It allows you to control the flow of patients to the right level of care already at the first digital contact.

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Digital anamnesis

With score-driven questions, Alteri Care helps the doctor to quickly form an opinion about the patient’s condition, which in turn saves time for caregivers.

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Digital follow up

Alteri Care enables manual or automatic digital follow up when a case has been closed. Deviations are reported to healthcare professionals, who can take the necessary measures.

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