We develop a flexible e-health platform for your specific business.

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Primary care

Offer the same digital accessibility that online doctors can offer and reduce the risk of patients listing themselves elsewhere “by mistake”.

Let your patients see “their” doctor digitally as well. Many cases can be done completely digitally.

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Social services

All communication with citizens and between administrations and social service employees is guaranteed to be secure. It includes built-in privacy, secure operation, encryption and secure login. We regularly have the system tested to ensure that safety is maintained.

Addiction care

Offers a digital complement to existing treatments.

Makes it possible to keep statistics that show how effective the treatment is.

Makes it possible to investigate and process digitally with the help of custom questionnaires and video.

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Occupational health

Not everyone can be everywhere at once. But everyone wants safe and easy care. With digital occupational health care, you and your employees can work proactively with health and increase accessibility in the workplace – wherever it is.

Student health

Sometimes the resources are not enough. The students are many and all are equally valuable. By simplifying case management, and making it accessible to the right people, we free up resources for the core business – the children!

With Alteri Care, you can easily control who has access to a specific case by inviting everything from school curators and educators to the principal, special educators and parents. You get a common and clear picture of incidents and investigations. Together we can work for the best interests of the children.

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Distance care

Not everyone can be everywhere at once. But everyone wants safe and accessible care. With Alteri Care, your business gets a platform that brings together the entire business while including the patients. Better overview, less time for administration and more time for patients!

Maternal health care

Many expectant and new parents have a great need for advice and support. With our platform, your business can be actively present and support the mother and the family – from pregnancy to parenthood.

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